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Originally Posted by Deaf View Post
If you read the end of the article So.......It Was You! By: Gary Knapp and Mitch Goldmans comment (third one) on this,
Image © Gary Knapp
PhotoID: 262350
Photograph © Gary Knapp

it'll be obvious that multiple flashes were used for the shots.

Image © Gary Knapp
PhotoID: 244711
Photograph © Gary Knapp

Here six of them are countable on the right of the frame, and the spectacular effects are results of perfect positioning and setup.

Though I'd really appreciate some technical hints about the images, but after those uncountable hours standing out in the night mastering these, I truly understand why won't the author provide even exif information.

I never suggested multiple flashes were not used, just that they were repositioned to capture a number of different exposures. I don't believe his images are captured on one exposure, like O Winston Link, but the result of multiple exposures combined into one. Composites. Sort of like what Gregory Crewdson does.

The second image you post is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Look at how much light he's illuminating the train and station with, yet there's no visible location of the flash units. Where are they? All I see are slight shadows on the near wall of the station, and they aren't strong shadows which tells me he hit the area more than once with a strobe. Secondly the whole side of the train is illuminated but there's not one visible strobe.

In Link's work you could easily see the locations of his flashbulbs, but his shots were possible to achieve with just one exposure because flashbulbs put out a lot more light than electronic strobes can.

What kind of technical hints are you looking for?
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