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Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
You're talking in camera noise reduction, right? My few long exposure shots looked terrible on my 30D till I started using the in camera noise reduction.
Ken, i was talking about in camera noise reduction, just thought if i did no noise reduction with the 20d, why should i have to with the 40d. + shooting lightning im not going to wait 10 mins for another shot. Ive used noise ninga trial, looked OK but like i said upgrading from a 20d to a 40d, i would expect it to be a little better.

What did you open the RAW's with? Did you run the new CD that came with the 40D DPP? I find night photo's look better in Canons RAW then all others. The 2 shot looks way dark to start with, no tweaking at all?
I have not played with the raw files yet, they are JPEG's out of camera, and the ones i tryed to edit were ran through CS3. I thought the exposure was ok, for complete darkness.
This is an edited version 5 minute edit in CS3. taken on 20d with no noise reduction.

Thanks Jim, just a mobile phone torch.


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