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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I wish effort equaled more success.
It does on RP! Just post any old shot and then link it to 50,000 Facebook pages - voila! Top of the last 24, Top of last week - maybe even a PC, but at the very least, 8,000 people will see your shot.

I long ago suggested RP consider highlighting "hard to capture" images regardless of whether they personally "like" them or not - aka: "Screener's Choice".

Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I also wish that access here was more like Cajon Pass. Drive anywhere you want along the ROW and walk 20 feet to take a nice shot.

Loyd L.
I thought long ago, I was "done" photographing Amtrak on the NEC. A young and talented guy named Michael Pearson (via Facebook) proved me wrong. Granted, he sometimes delves into the psychodelic world if HDR meaning he can shoot on the dark side / wrong side and still get a nice bright "sunny" shot. Helps that he has a Nikon, too! But tone some of the HDR's down, and new worlds emerge. There are others - too bad they don't post there non-HDR stuff here. Now add the likes of George Hiotis, Eric Williams, and such. Then there's Matthew Malkiewicz - showed me a self published book featuring just one location in NYC shot in B&W of abandoned tracks over the span of one year. I told him I'd give him a hundred bucks for the book! Shame he didn't publish any (yet) to sell!

So - maybe you shouldn't be looking for low hanging fruit and instead, try to figure out how to shoot the leaves!


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