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Originally Posted by RCH022 View Post
I was almost scared this question would come up out of embarrassment, but coming back from a 15 year break from photography I’m working with what I’ve got...As of now All of my editing is done on the iPhone default photo edit app as I do not own a PC at the moment (millennials I know), and as far as i know you can’t do any selective sharpening. And I use an app called “image size” to get it down to RP specs. That picture was taken on the “medium size” setting in the camera, was wondering if changing to small would be better since less of a downsize. As far as a link to the original, no. I could email it to someone I’d they’re that interested.
There are lots of tutorials online.
As Kevin mentioned, time to forget about that photo?
but if you want email me on RP's and i will send

Selective sharpening should not be needed for a basic imag
Camera setting as I noted earlier should always be at Maximum jpg size when posting to a site like this
Saving should be done at max quality.

But I am interested in you workflow, you upload from your camera to you phone? By what method? Is the full sized image transferred?

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