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Originally Posted by PLEzero View Post
I received the following private message yesterday. Is this really what the RP community has come to?
There are certainly nicer ways of asking (or in this case accusing), but at least someone had a modicum of courtesy to ask via private e-mail first.

It does not help that the site is advertised as it is:

"The purpose of our website is to display genuine, authentic photographs of trains and railroad related scenes. Bearing this in mind, digital manipulation of photographs (beyond standard post-processing techniques such as levelling, sharpening, dust removal, etc.) is not permitted on photographs submitted to RailPictures.Net."

More power to those who are able to bend (break) some rules but as a courtesy to all, I think the moral thing to do is to note manipulations that go beyond the exagerated (adding and subtracting things), as well as artificially creating special effects.

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