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Originally Posted by PLEzero View Post
I think some people are getting a little out of control. Thoughts?
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At least this thread isn't entitled with expletives..... Thank you, Brad.

To me, the out-of-control comment goes both ways.

Apparently, a fair number of folks have so much time on their hands that they spend their days probing for flaws in other people's pictures. I find that sad. When I look at an interesting, or even stunning photo, my first reaction is generally: "Wow, what do I need to do to get pictures like that?" Quite honestly, the thought that the person might have faked the shot really never crosses my mind. I spend my evenings trying to figure out how to do a better job shooting and postprocessing MY pictures (and never feeling they're quite good enough). Time spent trying to find ways to bring others down is not only unfulfilling, but it does little to enhance one's reputation.

On the other hand, those who try to steal the daily thunder through wholesale digital manipulation (we're not talking about removing twigs, trash or errant body parts here) don't do the hobby/profession any favors either. These days, faked photos have become so common that almost anything with any "wow" factor immediately has a cast of doubt over it. There's nothing wrong with a cool Photoshop job, but I agree with Mitch that it should be advertised as "art", not as documentary.

But I do wish people would be more civil and respectful of each other. This is supposed to be "fun" and there is no call for either deliberate meanness or deliberate deception.


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