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To Brad & whoever called this a fake ( i think we know who it was) obviousy knows less about photography than i thought. And why would they send you a private message rather than call it out themselves? Care to share that info with the rest of the finger pointing crowd? I have the RAW and am willing to prove that the photo is not a fake and im sure Engineer Tom K can also verify it was a lite flurry of snow activity... i can say that the person that sent the private message has probably done some fake PSing on RP and is on the verge of getting caught and trying to start trouble as usual. Anyone here that seriously thinks this is a fake... please send me a message with your name and address and i will send you a copy of the RAW file that can not be mannipulated in any way and then see if u call me out that a fake... the DRAMA lives on... the only FAKE is the person or persons that fall into the Drama tory of this story
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