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Originally Posted by NathanAirChime View Post
I have the RAW and am willing to prove that the photo is not a fake and im sure Engineer Tom K can also verify it was a lite flurry of snow activity...
You don't have to prove anything. It's obvious to anyone who has ever shot in snowy conditions that this photo has not been altered at all.

The Sand Patch shot you posted the other day, really looked PS'd to me. 1. The snow looks fake. 2. I also checked the weather history for Meyersdale, PA, about 4 miles away and 350 ft lower, and it said it didn't precipitate at all there on the 8th. 3. I also see what looks a lot like sunlight lighting the train. Care to explain?
I guess whoever thinks it's a fake has never seen a rainbow before, either. could it be sunny if it's raining!
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