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Joining this discussion a little late.....

I've been a member here for a little over 10 years, and digital manipulation has always been against the rules. That said, I think that most of us here have enough experience to know that such a rule can be difficult to enforce, because today's photo editing tools are so good, and people have become very skilled in their use. You're not likely to see a rejection for digital manipulation unless you do a poor job on the edit or you make an obvious edit in a scene that is familiar to the screeners. And of course, since the screeners are able to see your historical submissions, including rejections, they do have a means of doing a stare-and-compare between versions of an image. So, if you get a foreground clutter rejection and then attempt to remove the offending obstruction in a subsequent re-submission, you're going to get busted.

Moral of the story is......

Obviously, do your best to get it right in the camera. In the heat of the moment however, some of us don't always see the entire frame in the viewfinder. If you feel you need to "clean up" the image, by removing errant weeds, branches, trash, body parts, etc. that aren't really part of the scene, for goodness sake, do it before you submit the image and make sure you've done a clean job of it. On the other hand, if you decide to make alternations to fixed elements in the poles,'d best have a very good reason for it, and you'd best explain it in a note to the screeners, so you're open and honest about it. As the rules state: "The purpose of our website is to display genuine, authentic photographs of trains and railroad related scenes." That rule is also in place with most of the major railroad magazines.

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