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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I'm OK with it but wondered about the viability of the airline, bad time to start out. Then there is the company name at least in the Merica vocabulary. And finally, visually it is hard to tell how close the plane is, first I thought the plane was just added but I see the crowds looking up, wonder if that would be allowed here?

"Wizz Air", I love it! Instead of a barf bag in your seat-back pocket, they give you a piddle-pack.

Although there is a depth of field compression effect that probably makes the aircraft look closer to the crowd and structures than it really is, I have no doubt it is lower and closer than would ever be allowed in the US. Over a populated area, the altitude limit in the US would be 1,000 ft. above ground and no closer to any structure than that distance. Those limits can be waived in an airshow setting, where crowd location is controlled, but not in a downtown location like this. For instance, at an airport, the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels can overfly the crowd at 500 AGL, as long as they are in level flight (not doing any aerobatics). Aerobatic performances in jets must be 1,500 ft. from the crowd, regardless of the altitude. The distance decreases to 500 ft. for props.

Suffice it to say that some countries don't have much in the way of rules. The limits are solely defined by the size of the pilots testicles.

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