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It is really hard for me to decide as they both roster some great engines (BNSF mainly) regarding model and paint! While UP scraps SD40-2s the BNSF uses GP39s for switching duty! Just one example. However UP's heritage units and the steam program make up for whatever they lose to BNSF! All in all they are both great to railfans which is what matters to many of us here I'm sure!
They used to...this recession has let them catch up after the railroads making up BNSF (ATSF and BN) went on their "penny-pinching spree"...hence you saw SD9s and all sorts of weird Geeps. I've noticed they've been retiring a lot of the oddballs, and storing many units aside from the widecab GEs (with the exception of the Dash 8s). To me, it seems like BNSF has been buying pretty much the same amount of power UP has (when compared to their size), but UP had better power in the barn when it came to be merger time. Or, simply put, I think BNSF will become just as "boring" as UP in terms of motive power now that they've had a chance to play catch-up.

And three photos to prove my point:

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