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That's an exceptional shot - I hate you, lol.

Looks more like it was the brightening of the shot that got it accepted vs extra sharpening. Ever notice that reading fine print is easier with more light - same with this, and many other pans. Brightness exaggerates the sharpness, or at least under exposure hides it.

I think I'm most impressed that - of all the frames that came out sharp, one was EXACTLY where you needed it, vs what is more typical - the frame with the catenary pole in the way. I suppose the 30 mph speed helped out there!

Great shot - shame those linking their own, or artificially increasing their views may keep it (initially) from getting the views it deserves. A simple fix by admin would be to subtract those linked views from the view count, or factor in "most favorited" in the Top of the Day formula. Still, you got a good shot at a PC.


And yes, Bob is correct, a zoom pan is the terminology to use when zooming the lens in or out while focused on a subject that is either going away or coming towards you. Otherwise - you have your not so standard, standard pan.
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