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Default What is wrong with this picture??

Ok I have to ask.
I am an amateur photographer and I like trains. I don't claim to be a good train photographer but from hundreds of pictures, I submitted my best to so I could share them with other train fans. We are talking about 5-6 pictures. My absolute best.
All of them were rejected.

So I have to ask.
What is wrong with this tram picture from Budapest?

I don't want to brag but I think it is a fine piece of tram-photography.
The light is sweet. The background is interesting and the tram itself is fantastic.

I would think that the photo is at least good enough to be part of this web-site. Maybe not a top-shot but better than a lot of pictures that I have seen in here.

The reason for rejection was: "Lighting (Cloudy): Cloudy day shots of common/standard power, as well as cloudy images of common/standard angles and scenes, are generally not accepted."

Please be honest because I don't get it.
Thank you
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