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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Doug, look at the first 72 today. I am not going to mention names directly but one person must have near 20. Many of the other names I saw yesterday with multiple photos, I saw the day before, I will see tomorrow and the day after. I don't think this is healthy. So they learned the formula of acceptance. I respect what what you do. Moderation, variety, selection, not clogging things up with the same thing.
I fully agree with you. These guys disappear from the site for months, and then think that they have to do a VGER (Star Trek reference) data dump to get caught up. I would be much more inclined to look at their stuff if they only submitted a few per day.

Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Here is where I come from in my experience, Below is my first photo which was rejected, then accepted on appeal, number 2 is a slightly adjusted version of a rejection. Yes I learned from rejection but that is only part of the learning process. I took 6 months off and came close to never returning(could be what screeners would have preferred).

Image © Robert Jordan
PhotoID: 469161
Photograph © Robert Jordan

Image © Robert Jordan
PhotoID: 469468
Photograph © Robert Jordan

I doubt that the screeners would have preferred to have you leave. I do think that early warranted rejections are better than having a new contributor try to figure out why subsequent mediocre images are rejected when they probably meet the "standard" of a previous acceptance.
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