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Originally Posted by fortis View Post
Thank you all for your comments.
It feels a bit harsh to hear that my picture is dull but it is useful.
Thank you again
What you've essentially posted is a roster shot of a tram. Those just aren't very popular on RP. There is a street scene begging to be seen in that location, so you definitely need to go wider...MUCH wider. The viewer needs to see more interest instead of a tightly cropped shot of what is essentially a city bus on rails. SHOW US MORE OF THE CITY!

As far the lighting, I don't mind it all, but as Loyd mentioned above, the image looks flat. It's needs something to make it pop more...a boost in contrast, saturation, vibrance. I just took a look at your flickr page and I see a lot of images that have been juiced up quite a bit, so it's obvious you know how to use those processing tools.
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This pretty much sums it up:
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