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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Is it possible they have found some way to generate views by automation?
I know of at least one situation in which a prominent RP contributor apparently did create some sort of view generation program to boost his view-counts. He did get caught, and Admin publicly outed the individual here on the forums. Given the generally excellent quality of the person's submissions, it just knocked me off my chair that he felt it necessary to do such a thing.

This is why I would favor some sort of process by which all of the self-promotional games could be filtered out of the To24 process. Count only RP-generated views toward To24.....or use RP-generated favorites to determine who gets home page exposure. The latter would be difficult, because favorites are much harder to earn than views, and at any one time, there are likely more than 4-way ties for most favorites in 24 hrs.

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