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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
I never understood the problem you folks have with linking shots to Facebook. I always thought the goal was for people to actually SEE your work, but maybe I am wrong.
This coming from someone with NO photos on the site. Yes, Joe - you are wrong. No one has a problem with linking shots to FB to share. The issue is with people linking their shots to boost their views ON THE SAME DAY THEY SUBMIT their image for the SOLE purpose of making the front page. If you boost your image views just enough to make top of last 24, even if it's only by one view, the front page takes care of the rest.

A lot of people don't bother to view photos that are not on the front page. So to be SEEN vs be searched, the front page is the route to go.

It was nice, once upon a time on RP, to post a good shot and have it be seen by more than 350 people if it was in fact, a really great photo - WITHOUT having to campaign it.

Allow linking, subtract the links for Top of Last 24 Hour slots. After all, that was the point of admin eliminating the "Top shot of the Day" which tallied counts from midnight, to "Top shot of the Last 24 Hours".


PS - What happened to the handful of image you did have on RP?

PSS - I agree with "CW". FB is a "me" site. You're lucky if you can ever find a photo you saw after 48 hours passes. RP is a nice post and done searchable database without the "me, me, me" FB strategy of finding the insane need to post not only to FB, but to a dozen or more "pages" within the site itself.
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