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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Huntington Division doesn't exist anymore. The New River Subdivision is part of the Florence Division. The current 24 hour count here varies between 6-14 trains per 24 hours. If you're a capable driver with a firm grasp on your directions you can successfully shoot the same heavy Eastbound loaded train at all 3 locations. Otherwise you can attempt a sit and wait at each spot and hopefully get lucky. AAR 8 (160.23) road and AAR 14 (160.32) is dispatcher. If it's not raining tomorrow Thurmond and Hawks Nest will be full of people. You will have to work around them and have them in your shots most likely. Prince is always a ghost town however.

Loyd L.
Thanks Loyd for the advice! Never been to any of the locations and I'm surprised to hear Thurmond is that busy...
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