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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Sean's image is not really a going-away shot, but rather, a rear quarter shot of a stopped locomotive and consist. It is interesting in that it depicts a mixed train with an N&W "Mollie" on point, which is not exactly common. That said, it doesn't depict any particular action (train is not backing up), and at least I personally am not a fan of making it a B&W. B&W's work best when they are extra contrasty, and I don't find this image in that category. Still, I am a bit surprised it got the boot. A lot of slack is typically cut for steam photos (hey, they let ME post ), and charters in particular.

WRT Dennis' image, I think Loyd is referring to this one:
Image © Dennis A. Livesey
PhotoID: 712465
Photograph © Dennis A. Livesey

Whereas Sean's image is documentary in nature, Dennis' definitely crosses into the "arty" realm, taking full advantage of post-sunset lighting, deep shadows, silhouettes....and the crew doing some classic things, such as watering their locomotive. It HAS to be rear-quarter to depict the actions and the lighting that it does. It has a lot of elements and the composition is excellent. If I'd been screening, I probably would have given it an SC, although that would have been very unlikely with the RP Staff given that there already is an SC/PoTW from the same charter.

BTW, Dennis' shot was taken Saturday evening, when the weather was significantly better than it was the following evening. Dennis was not on the train Saturday, but rather, waiting at the station. Those of us on the train never had an opportunity to capture that scene, because the 611 train was blocking the main, while our 475 train was waiting just outside the yard.
Oh, Dennis's is hands down better, for sure. He had the weather on his side, and again, actual rail ops in action.

Had I been able to get a cleaner shot closer to the driver looking back, it might have been a different situation. I might try to crop tighthr and go color, but again... I've got plenty of others, and considering one of my double header pan shots made it into the T24, I'm happier than I should be...
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