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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I'd be very interested in folks' opinions on this. When you have a prominent foreground element, and the train is in the background, where do YOU put the focus point? I have tended to lean toward the foreground element and perhaps crank up the aperture, but I have been surprised to find some very good shooters (at least IMHO), who religiously go for the train.

So what say you?
I think either can work, but for rail subjects, you either need the foreground element to be of significant interest to be in focus and use settings so it is obvious that it was done for a reason to have something in focus and something not. Alternatively, if the foreground is something simple like these grass or flowers, I would much rather have the train (subject) in focus, at least for a site like this. Overall I think either can work, but I do not think that putting the foreground element in front of the train like the flower example works well at all. I find it very distracting.
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