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Originally Posted by Christopher Muller
The last two people that replied to this thread should be ashamed of themselves (and banned). This officer was just like every other Law Enforcement officer that goes to work daily, knowing that if things happen against their favor, it could be their last. Just doing their job? No, this was more than a job! This tragedy and horrible event was news, and I was glad to see it posted here. What you two have turned this thread into is so disrespectful and aweful, I am at a loss of words.

May God himself bless this officer and his family.
I agree and apperently someone else agreed also
It is a shame when a tragic story like this turns into a pissing match between 2 posters
May God bless this officers family and God rest his soul
Thank You for your sacrifice
Shaun McMillan
In Memory of Jeff Wallace,K.I.A Iraq May 24, 2005
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