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Default Not Sure About This Lens :(

I've been using a Nikon 80-400mm AFS as my long lens for the past several years. It's sharp enough--no complaints, and almost always long enough. I use it as a "general purpose" lens and that includes wildlife, choo-choos, sports, and whatever. However, it is somewhat heavy and bulky. I notice this most when doing all day hikes, especially in mountains over 10,000 ft. I just bought a Nikon 300mm f4 PF VR from ebay. (Was sweating it because I pulled the trigger before reading seller's feedback: 50% negative and only 4 sales!) Anyway, lens is very compact and light--even with a 1.4x TC it weighs about half the 80-400mm and is about a third the size. So far, so good. Reviews report that it doesn't do well with strong light shining directly into it, so I had to check that out right away. I took it out last night at dusk and shot some engines heading directly towards me at close range with their headlights on full power. Hmmm. No weird flare or ghosting, but the headlights turned into mega blobs! I do take a fair number of these kinds of shots. So, I'm sort of on the fence here. OTOH, I'm thinking the lens isn't going to work for these kinds of shots, but OTOH for the other 75% of shots I like to take it will be great. Below are two shots I did last night with 300mm PF, and one shot I did with the 80-400mm. Any thoughts? Would you be happy or unhappy with the 300mm PF? And no, I can't keep both. They are about $1,400 for 80-400mm and $1,700 for 300mm + TC 1.4x.

Kent in SD
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