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Southern RR ran thru my grandma's back yard, so at age 5, I got my 1st HO train set (I still have it). 5 Years later my dad started with the Chesapeake Western RR and I spent my summers riding the rails with my pops on the engine or with my uncle in the hi rail truck. Then the NS merger happened and all that fun came to a stop but I was already hooked so I spent my time doing every book report in school on trains then I got a job and car and that all stopped. It wasn't until I met my 2nd wife that I got back into trains again. She asked me to take a dinner train and well you know my answer to that question. Now she is hooked with me, we ride them, chase them and she even helps me model them, in HO scale still and my first loco still runs, 45 some years later.
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