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When I was a not much more than a toddler, my family was living in Nashville, and my brother, eighteen years my senior, got a job as a car knocker on the L&N. My parents would often take him to work, and I was fascinated by the trains. Soon I was frequently going to a spot that overlooked the hump in Radnor Yard with my father to watch all of the wonderful boxcars of the early 1960's get broken out of the train in which they arrived and roll to the waiting track of a train bound for their new destination. The whole process was fascinating.

I also had an uncle who was a brakeman/conductor on the B&O. One of my earliest railroad memories was sharing the fireman's seat of a switcher with my cousin as we worked the yard in Brunswick for an hour or two. Later that cousin and his older brother became my first railroad photography buddies/mentors.

As for toy trains, my first was a battery-operated N-scale (!) Arnold Rapido set that I got for Christmas in 1962. Later, I became the repository for all of the toy trains in the family, including prewar Lionel sets from my uncle and my great aunt, and a prewar American Flyer O-gauge UP 4-8-4 set from my brother-in-law. They are all still on the walls of my train room.

Coupling all of these factors, I have a lifelong interest in trains that goes to my earliest memories.
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