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Kevin M may chime in on actual use. (there is an old thread on subject.)
Also I'd wait for Nikon rebates or specials if you do not have immediate need.
(if you are looking at doing video then then Z-6 is probably a plus)

Maybe only repeating what you already know but you are going to Mirrorless and from DX to FX so new lenses will also be in order. I'd look at what is available and prices for Z-6 lenses so you know what you are getting into. You can use standard FX lenses with adapter if you have them but buying them would be a little odd.??
So for Mirrorless I'd say you could look at other brands also.

From what I read there are some really good Nikon DX bodies at varying price points and you can then use old lens or avail yourself to some nice DX lenses now available.

I was pretty excited when heard about Z-6 but after reading about it I did not see any strong advantage for me over my now old D-750 FX which by the way is still a new offering at a good price when Nikon has their specials and for the price is pretty good for low light

Bob Jordan

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