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Guys, four words can resume my feelings: THANK YOU SO MUCH !

"You could probably get away with a lasso of just the sky and color shift it, then darken the shot overall."
Loyd, this tip was amazing. Thank you very much. I use the lasso tool in the sky and in the grass, and it really changed the overall image appearance!

"You can always try taking the Color Cast Dropper (in PSE)"
Thanks Kevin ! I did this and looks like it works ! Nice tip !

"The sky looks turquoise on my color calibrated monitor. Too much and too bright."
Absolutely true ! I change the color of the sky to look more natural... Thanks for the tip!

"Looks fine on my screen. Maybe the screener wants it a bit warmer?"
Another great tip from miningcamper1. The image had an overall "blue cast" that I have corrected by adjutisting the yellow levels. Thank you very much !

The light of 5:00 pm is not the best one for this kind of photo, I think. But thanks to the precise tips from all of you, the image get accepted.

Thanks so much !
Greetings !
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