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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
It used to be something that would happen within hours, like screening and acceptance of a photo. It took hours when I joined....half a century ago. It could be that the forums have been so quiet lately that the Admins haven't been looking at the membership queue.

It has been awfully quiet here lately, which is surprising, since there is a pandemic going on and many of the life events that we're all used to are on hold. People clearly still look at the forums, but few people seem to post anything.
I've only been here only a little over a half a decade, but I experienced the same lack of response. I finally sent an email to admin, and I was in in a day or two. I don't think that the request queue is monitored very often, but an email prod will produce results.

The forum is unusually quiet for reasons unknown. I've thought about starting a thread about too-high drone overviews from Chicago that go to TO24 much more frequently than they should, but why bother?
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