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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
I've thought about starting a thread about too-high drone overviews from Chicago that go to TO24 much more frequently than they should, but why bother?
Have at it....provide examples. Let's dissect it to death! I personally think most drone pilots shoot way too high. As a fixed-wing pilot of nearly 40 years, my $.02 is that the view from more than 100 ft., or one with an extreme down-angle is just not interesting, most of the time. Once in a while, I will see something creative, such as a European fellow who won one of the CRPA Awards a while back with a near vertical shot, but that was a distinct exception. If I were to purchase a drone, I'd be using it to substitute for the hill or overpass I wish were there, or the shot I'm not willing to bushwhack through tick-infested woods to get. The "Look mom, I'm flying!" genre is not my thing.....perhaps the result of nearly 5,700 hours in the air myself.

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