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Hi Adam,

I'll certainly defer to the opinions of others here, as I don't shoot diesels, and the rules that apply to steam seem to be somewhat looser....

I don't see it as a bad photo. If it has issues, these are the ones I see:
  1. Train is a bit low in the frame for "Rule-of-Thirds." I've seen plenty of similar compositions that worked fine, so I don't see this as a killer.
  2. Nose of the train is perhaps too close to the left side of the frame. It helps to have a little more margin in my view.
  3. The train "merges" with the home just above it. A "merge" happens when two major elements, particularly the subject, appear to "touch." The best photos avoid merges.
  4. It appears to be a cloudy day, common power shot, which is sometimes the kiss of death, but often not. In this case, I think that the presence of fall foliage is mitigating. Often, cloudy day foliage shots can be as good as sunny day shots of the same subject.

Perhaps it was a combination of negatives, none of which were killers, which in the end, left the screener not liking it. He had to hit a button and he hit the "Going Away" button.

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