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I am going with Kevin on this one. The photo gives the hint of a great scene but only contains what is necessary. The train is up against all the edges. No way of knowing what is past the edges but when you have nice scenery you want to show it. As far setup, it as almost location was picked for lead units going left to right and as an after thought the tail end was shot??


Oh, getting confused on heads and tails and not sure the screenerdid not also, but this is a going away version but with the nose showing and cloudy skies.

Image © Robert Pisani
PhotoID: 634402
Photograph © Robert Pisani

Here is the high sun version

Image © Chris Kieley
PhotoID: 634239
Photograph © Chris Kieley

This is fun, here is the lead unit but actually going away at this location . Pisa is nothing.

Image © Matt Donnelly
PhotoID: 634687
Photograph © Matt Donnelly

There are more but probably wearing out my welcome, the rejected photo is probably one of the more pleasing and if the nose were visible??


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