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Longtime L&C Railway president Steve Gedney passed away this past Friday at age 76 from complication due to cancer. Mr. Gedney is creditted with making the L&C what it is today in many ways. Consider this. When he came to the L&C in 1989, the Springmaid Line was a quaint little line still mostly beholden to their textile owner, Springs Mills. They had a roster which consisted of only three EMD SW900s and ran one trin a day M-F.

Gedney once told me the wheels of change were underway on the L&C when he got here, but he took the drivers seat in a lot of ways. The first big change to the L&C was getting Circle S Feed Mills to build on their line. They bought four SW1200s and two SW1500s and leased three more end cabs to handle traffic. I routinely shot five and six end cab lash ups and I know they ran eight of them on a train once that I missed.

Next came the acquisition of the former Southern Railway line that connected to the L&C at Lancaster. It was the first increase in route mileage for the L&C in their then 105 year history. Shortly thereafter, they began acquiring GP38 type locomotives.

Gedney stayed on at the L&C after the railroad was bought by the Gulf & Ohio in 2010. The link below from the Lancaster News details that a little more. He was creditted with helping the counties of Lancaster and Chester through his work at the L&C.
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