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Latest motive power news is they got an SD40-2 from the Yadkin Valley, #7092, which is believed to be former BN, same number, sans dynamic brakes. It is painted black and still has the YVRR lettering and logo. This one is supposed to get L&C lettering soon. The number is on the cab and not the long hood which makes me wonder where the L&C lettering will be.

It has taken them some time to get the ex-Con SD60s operating and right now, I believe the 8782 is the only one running. It is still is CSX bue and gold, but they have patched over all CSX lettering. I have only seen pictures of it, not in person, and I don't believe it has any L&C lettering. I have heard all kinds of rumors about what paint these four might get. The story is different depending on who you talk to. I tell the folks who tell me to just send me a pic of it out of the paint booth.

When they came online, I said the cheap way to go would be to paint everything that is gold now white and leave everything else blue, put the lettering and Springmaid on the long hood and you could even put the G&O wings on the nose. But I'm just a railfan, LOL

They also have another slug, though I am not sure they have used it yet. It was painted black in Knoxville. I like the old style L&C logo

Lancaster & Chester RR #52 Jeremy Wright by Joe the Photog, on Flickr

L&C #52 was built in 1969 as Houston Belt & Terminal SW1500 #52. It was then sold to the Gulf & Ohio's Atlantic and Gulf Railroad as AGFL 52, then to Conecuh Valley Railroad (COEH 52). It must have sat around a long time as the last photograph I can find of it (so far) is from 2006 until Jeremy Wright shot this one last December.

JEREMY WRIGHT PHOTO, used with permission by me.
Joseph C. Hinson Photography
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