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I have heard from someone I trust well that the FRA put several of the CALA's bridges out of service a few weeks ago, and they are for all practical purposes shut down. If they don't fix the bridges, all that would leave them is car storage around Mullins. I was through there a couple of weeks ago because they received a 90 car cut of BP covered hoppers for storage, and I was hoping I might catch them working. No luck, the hoppers were put away on the stub that used to be the line to Marion west of the CSX S line. Ex Yadkin Valley GP38 3617 was the only locomotive in town.

Not too much accessible shortline action around Charleston, as the SC Public Railways spends most of their time inside the fence on the downtown operation, and those at North Charleston and the former Navy Base tend to be very late day or night operations.

The East Cooper & Berkley (also an SCPR operation) runs afternoons from Charity Church to the CSX at State Junction, but the vast majority of the trip is against the light and the line pretty much has pine forest as scenery.
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