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The more steady traffic has been rock to the Vulcan facility at Red Oak, but that seems to have decreased substantially over the past 6 months. The economics of this line is difficult, because it is essentially about a 60 mile branchline to Conway via a very circuitous route. A direct line from Mullins to Conway would be much more sustainable with the level of traffic present.
Mike, Carolina Southern hasn't handled any rock for Vulcan in years. As a matter of fact, the old Vulcan yard at Red Hill has had the rail pulled up since Vulcan set up shop on CSX's Andrews Sub at Rains, SC (just south of Mullins). The rock they've been handling was originating at Martin Marietta's quarry in Lemon Springs, NC (just south of Sanford), and taken to a sales yard at Myrtle Beach. It's sad to mention that at the time the bridges were taken out of service, Martin Marietta rock volume from Lemon Springs to Myrtle Beach via Carolina Southern was the best it had been in five years at three trains per week. Martin Marietta is not going to wait forever for Carolina Southern to get their problems fixed. If they can't get their bridges back in service, Martin Marietta is gonna walk. And that'll put the nail in the coffin.
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