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I was in Nichols and Mullins, South Carolina two weeks or so ago for the first time in close to 3 years.

One black Carolina Southern locomotive on their track, before the stop sign gate before the right angle crossing of CSX.

The MarionCounty railroad was entirely clear of cars, but grown up in weeds, except at the turnout into a farm supply company.

In the 1990s up until my last times in the area, there were 3 pieces of rolling stock on that siding: an Old Dominion passenger car, a blue caboose, and a blue machine that looked like a locomotive wit no cab. This odd machne was similar to another one that was kept at the New South Forrest yard in Red Hill until B&A, d.b.a. CSRR, bought out Waccamaw Coastline.

In the years before my last times in the area, the Old Dominion passenger car vanished, and part of the siding was taken up.

For a number of years, the turnout at the farm supply company had the only noticeable switch stand on the Marion County railroad. The siding at the closed lumber company was also visible, but no switch stand.

On my trip to the area 2 weeks ago, the blue caboose was the only rolling stock at the farm supply company, and on the entire Marion County railroad.

The track around that area had been cleared of weeds, and there were some wheels with axles on the track.

There were no cars on the 2 runaround tracks in Nichols.
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