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Originally Posted by railfanzone View Post
I posted a grammatically correct question directed to Mr. Brian Snyder about his erroneous interpretation of Facebook's TOS, basically saying that if anything posted to FB is public domain as Mr. Snyder implied (or his lawyer as he indicates), why have they removed photos of mine after I filed a copyright infringement claim. That got this reply from our wordsmith:

"funny fb removed nothing i myself took the pictures down Fb had absolutley nothing at all to do with the removal of any 1s pictures"

Which was promptly followed up with this:
"only mature and sensible adults can post on this page all others will be removed by me not fb"

I give up...he couldn't even understand my post - which was civil and beyond sensible, so he bans me.

Great business model. I guess I'll be forwarding his name along to all my modeling friends to make sure they do not patronize his business.
The same here Tom. None of the pictures were mine but I, along with you were very civil about it. I doubt when FB looks into this tomorrow he will no longer have a page, or be allowed to start another.
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