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Your shot is centered - the train is right there not too high up, not too low - just right there in the middle - crop monster food.

As for the colors - you should try playing with temperature, color balance and finally selective processing of the scene (you can for instance, adjust only the color of the sky, the engine - the exposure of the part of the scene, ect.). If for no other reason to see what is possible and what the effects are and how you can best utilize them in the future.

As for the shot that got in - my best guess is that it was an HDR or layered image. You can shoot multiple images at different exposures and then make an HDR (some cameras now do this automatically) or you could simply expose for the LED numberboards in a separate exposure and layer them into the original image. I doubt one exposure could really cover the full range as the accepted image has.

Y'know... unless you turn the lights off early in the exposure!

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