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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
You really want this shot in the database. I guess I've been there. I don't see the big deal about this shot. It's basically a wedgie roster shot with bad lighting of an engine sitting in a yard.

I would have taken the shot, but it'd be Flickr all the way, Jim.
I know its probably a boring shot to most, but it has meaning to me. Its the second NS heritage unit I've seen in person, and the Southern(along with the Interstate) are my favorite schemes. Also I nearly froze to death waiting on this train, and took countless photos of it trying to get a good shot. Ironically the best one of the night wasn't even the heritage unit.. I worked hard trying to shoot this thing, and you see the end result.

Also Joe, I don't want to sound rude either, and I get what you're saying but all of my night shots on here (except for one) are poorly lit. I even have one that I got on here, lit with a single flash unit. I am not bragging naturally but it seems they're more lenient with lighting on night shots.

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