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Wrong rejection reason - surprised you have not yet become accustomed to the aspect ratios tolerated on RP.

The crop is PERFECT. And it's a great shot - the first one the best and the rest get progressively worse, lol.

I think it's simply an odd aspect ratio. A bit too tall without being a vertical.

Best guess- go wider if you can, or chop some off the bottom (though you will end up with half a sign pole leading to a temptation to simply "move" it up higher in the frame from where it is).

As for the last - underexposed, that's easy. Expose it more. I like it as is - one of those shots you think you'll wow the audience only to have a reject instead. Again - the fix is often make it LOOK less underexposed by brightening up the image, the contrast or shadow detail can do wonders.

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