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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post

I miss the days of RP being the one stop spot for great photos. Not that I didn't browse elsewhere but it's become a full time job. I hope admin can get their act together in an effort to promote the site rather then disbanding it.

I do as well. I'm not throwing rotten tomatoes at them, but in my humble opinion, the process could use some refinement (and I've offered a few suggestions). I know many outstanding photographers who would never consider posting anything to I know of others who have ceased, because they tired of the hassle. If their outstanding images are not on, we all lose. The trick is to find the best ways to refine the process without compromising the integrity of the site, or adversely affecting anyone who contributes images, either past or present. I know the site owners are not unaware of these points, and I believe they're looking for ways to improve that situation. We're all better if grows and thrives, and anything I can do to assist, I'll certainly do it.
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