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I am too late for this party but I will shoot off my mouth anyway.

I liked the first crop of the Scotsman as it was. I liked the context; nothing says Scotsman to me more than rough hills such as those depicted. I was flummoxed as to it's non-acceptance.

Regarding the use of ROT or Rule of Thirds, I am now exploring compositional ideas beyond it. You all may find this article of interest.

The haloing to me looked more to be steam vapor around the cylinders and a tad too much brighting of the ground (As in an effort to brighten the locomotive, your brush took an errant course.)

The Tanfield shot as first presented, screamed clipped highlights and was painful to see. Now looks lovely as it should.

So therefore David I shall ask in the forthright style of Jim Thias, how could an exceptional photographer such as yourself not see that?

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