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Cool Screeners or critics?

What I find troubling about the process is the originally submitted and rejected image looked just fine to me. It should have been accepted. It clearly was far better than many pix that do get accepted. The accepted version might or might not be an improvement, but if it is an improvement it is a minor improvement. Now if the screeners had a better track record for thoughtful artistic insights, I would say that is all and good. But the fact is their track record is arbitrary, full of inconsistencies, and often just nit picking. Which is not so much a criticism as a recognition of the nature of the beast given the volume of crap they have to wade through. They would better serve this site if they focused on accepting images meeting minimum standards (which the original version clearly did), and not try to occasionally and unpredictably serve as art critics or teachers. If for whatever reason they want to offer helpful advice, that can always be done with a note to the submitter with a suggestion to change and resubmit if they feel like it.
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