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Originally Posted by John West View Post
Sharpening is quite an art form in its own right and I don't pretend to be an expert. Somewhere one of the many folks who know more than me suggested it is good to resharpen (or at least check the sharpness) after converting from tiff to jpg and/or resizing. But over sharpening is also not good.
I certainly would not call myself an expert, and I do get my share of rejections, but they are rarely for sharpness issues.

I first sharpen my RAW image (I do shoot always in RAW) using Adobe Camera Raw. Then, after I have made whatever additional adjustments are needed in Photoshop (cropping, hue, saturation, leveling, contrast, etc.), I reduce the image size to usually 1024 x 683 and I give the shot a final sharpening using the high pass technique.

Works for me, and it's the way I have done this for several years with good results.
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