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With the following photo, I wanted to set up more of a profile view of Amtrak's Autumn Express running some rare mileage on the west shore of the Hudson River. This submission captures the rear of the train, which featured one of Amtrak's Heritage P42s and an ACS-64 electric engine dead in tow:

It was rejected as "going away," which technically is true, as you get the slight angle of the rear of the P42 on the very end of the train. At least for purposes of future submissions, I wanted to get your thoughts on the following questions:

1. Was this likely just the angle or are you seeing anything else that might have played into the rejection (e.g., lighting)?

2. For profile views, are the screeners consistent in rejecting shots that have a slight away angle like this or is it more the luck of the draw?

3. For shots with more of a true away angle, would an extra item of interest like a sail boat or a conductor climbing into a locomotive be compelling enough to stand a chance with the screeners?

Finally, for the more scenic shots, are advice on judging how loose of a composition is too loose (e.g. comparing the relative size of other objects in the scene)?

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