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OP - all you have to do is go through the daily offering and it is clear no sun on the nose, you are uphill lot, maybe a little wider, less nose but the light is not good and setting is a zero. Certainly exceptions, could almost be a screeners choice if.......
Image © spacetrain1983
PhotoID: 703122
Photograph © spacetrain1983

Drone - I was going to post that one but hesitated, at least the subject is clear and the setting is nice. I thought it is interesting city found this place rather than the back of some park. Not a generic rail yard with a lot of parking lots.

Curiosity tho, what are the criterion for drone shots. Are many rejected we don't know about?

It is almost square, didn't check if it fits the rules.
Including the horizon, is this considered desirable for drone shots or is it a RP"s thing, ie it is level at the horizon.

Distortion correction? Don't know much about drone cameras but seem if you were lower and less wide the distortion would be a lot less but maybe that is a function of his equipment.

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