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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post

Drone - I was going to post that one but hesitated, at least the subject is clear and the setting is nice. I thought it is interesting city found this place rather than the back of some park. Not a generic rail yard with a lot of parking lots.
We will just have to disagree here.

Curiosity tho, what are the criterion for drone shots. Are many rejected we don't know about?
I think the bar is still quite low at this time since UAV is still a relatively new field.

Including the horizon, is this considered desirable for drone shots or is it a RP"s thing, ie it is level at the horizon.
Hopefully not. Looks to me like people aren't thinking out their compositions with UAVs. The game plan doesn't appear to get past go high and click the shutter.

Distortion correction? Don't know much about drone cameras but seem if you were lower and less wide the distortion would be a lot less but maybe that is a function of his equipment.
DJI cameras have a wide FOV and anywhere from bad to terrible distortion depending on AOA. It's easy to adjust in processing if you compose (ha) to account for it. Otherwise you're stuck with shots that look like Earth is sliding into a void off camera at the bottom of the shots.

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