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Alright I'll bite.

I was on vacation in Pensacola and had just finished following an FGA train and decided to make a stop here while I was in the area before heading back to the beach. Lighting wasn't the best but I decided to go on and post since there are no other photos of 1355 on RP. I am not a major steam fan and in no way intended to leave the beach just to come back for better lighting. If this had been marked high lighting I would not have appealed.

My photos are stitches of several photos I take from the same location. This image is composed of 4 photos. 2 on the top - 2 on the bottom. This allows me to capture the scene around the train while still being close enough to record some detail on the train. However, RP is a low resolution site - when I downsize 4 images to the size of a 2mb image a lot of that detail is gone. Despite this RP doesn't seem to have an issue with it. My personal rule is that I should be able to read the engine number or I am to far away - although I have made exceptions to that rule on occasion. When the full original image is viewed plenty of detail can be gained from zooming in on it. Since all these images are stitched together for a larger composition the ability to correct distortion is gone - attempting to correct it turns the horizon into an S-shape (or at least every time I try to correct with a DJI Profile on lightroom). It has never bothered me enough to go out of my way to find an alternative way to correct it. Perhaps I shall try to find a way to now. Suggestions are welcome.

As for getting lower, I prefer not to tangle with trees and power lines or potentially distract a driver just for a photo. Flying at 20 ft AGL is nerve wracking and just an accident waiting to happen. I suppose I might be a little obsessed about the horizon - but there is something about having it there that just makes it seem more appealing then a random end with cut off houses and trees.

Go on youtube and look at the videos of idiots flying their drones thousands of feet into the air. Drone use will not last forever. In my personal opinion, sometime within the next few years, there will be a major accident ending recreational drone use. You either won't be able to fly at all or it will be a operational nightmare going as far as having to talk to an air traffic controller. I personally intend to to use my drone all I can before then.

Personal opinion part here. Yours will be different. I personally know what an SD70MAC (just an example here - I realize a 2-8-2 is a bit different) looks like. I could go the rest of my life without seeing one again and still know exactly what they look like. For that reason I have never cared for most of the wedge shots that litter this site (nothing against them, they serve there purpose, but still). That being said there are people here who take ground level photos that I could never even hope to take. The scenery around the railroad is what makes a photo unique. While I incorporate more scenery than most, I feel that 50-60 years from now viewers will be glad I did as they will be able to see how much these places have changed. I would say that 80% of my drone photos pass the screeners while only about 15% of my ground level photos do. On ground level photos I constantly get hit with PAQ's and wide compositions and other issues. I long ago decided that the screeners prefer my aerials and have attempted to submit ground level photos less and less. Personally I would not feel attacked if the screeners got more strict on drone photos. I see drone photos on here where only 2 locomotives are visible and the rest of the train is obscured by trees and I personally wander what that pilot was even thinking when he lined up the shot.

BTW I don't ever campaign. IF I were going to I would link photos to my personal site not here (for obvious reasons). Attached is a close up for all to view.
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