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Originally Posted by JT Photography View Post

My photos are stitches of several photos I take from the same location. This image is composed of 4 photos. 2 on the top - 2 on the bottom. This allows me to capture the scene around the train while still being close enough to record some detail on the train.
Not really understanding the reasoning for needing to stitch here. I can read the boards fine from 250' agl and 400 ft dfs with a single frame from my crappy little spark. I assume you're attempting to print / sell them (Hope you're 107 cert.), but there shouldn't be any issue with up to an 11x14 print with just a single frame.

Since all these images are stitched together for a larger composition the ability to correct distortion is gone - attempting to correct it turns the horizon into an S-shape (or at least every time I try to correct with a DJI Profile on lightroom). It has never bothered me enough to go out of my way to find an alternative way to correct it. Perhaps I shall try to find a way to now. Suggestions are welcome.
This is the part where composition comes into play. Absurd angles need to be avoided when shooting. If you're going to stitch, then you need to stay under 180 degrees FOV horizontal and 60 vertical and less is desirable. I don't use lightroom, but I've had no trouble correcting 12 frames comps using the correction tools in PSE.

As for getting lower, I prefer not to tangle with trees and power lines or potentially distract a driver just for a photo. Flying at 20 ft AGL is nerve wracking and just an accident waiting to happen. I suppose I might be a little obsessed about the horizon - but there is something about having it there that just makes it seem more appealing then a random end with cut off houses and trees.
The horizon is fine so long as the Earth isn't falling into an off-axis oblivion below.

Personal opinion part here. Yours will be different. I personally know what an SD70MAC (just an example here - I realize a 2-8-2 is a bit different) looks like. I could go the rest of my life without seeing one again and still know exactly what they look like. For that reason I have never cared for most of the wedge shots that litter this site (nothing against them, they serve there purpose, but still). That being said there are people here who take ground level photos that I could never even hope to take. The scenery around the railroad is what makes a photo unique. While I incorporate more scenery than most, I feel that 50-60 years from now viewers will be glad I did as they will be able to see how much these places have changed. I would say that 80% of my drone photos pass the screeners while only about 15% of my ground level photos do. On ground level photos I constantly get hit with PAQ's and wide compositions and other issues. I long ago decided that the screeners prefer my aerials and have attempted to submit ground level photos less and less. Personally I would not feel attacked if the screeners got more strict on drone photos. I see drone photos on here where only 2 locomotives are visible and the rest of the train is obscured by trees and I personally wander what that pilot was even thinking when he lined up the shot.
Do as you wish but there is an unspoken message in photos with thousands of views and only a handful of likes. People aren't clicking for the wow, they are clicking for the wtf.

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