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Going back to technique, I somewhat defended the photo originally but....

Some of the Aerials cover a large area and I can see the multiple images but in this case why include half the the city? I have no objection to including part of the neighborhood as it provides context to the display just as some woods out in the middle of nowhere. Personally I think the distorting is intentional to attract attention. It seems obvious that a single image at a lower angle would have worked, a residential area like this just doesn't have tall interference and a guy in a car is not going to hear the buzzing.

Documenting is a valid issue. I belong to the Milwaukee Road HS and regular part are aerial photos done professionally for the company but that does not cut it here.

Dumb question, the stitching is done by some program. Way back I learned to do that manually.

Bob Jordan

I didn't see loyds note until after I posted mine.

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