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So what you're saying is that you have abandoned conventional shooting in favor of high-perspective drone photography to get photos accepted on RP. As it is, you are just doing the same thing as the guys who constantly submit those wedgies that you eschew by submitting a bunch of look-alike photos, albeit from a different perspective than the wedgie shooters.
Not quite what I said, but I get your point. Still, I carry my camera with me just as much as the drone and have just as many ground-level photos on my hard drive as aerials. Did not mean any offense to wedge shots and fully agree comparing them to most drone shots is like apples and oranges. I personally just prefer the drone shot. Opinions will vary.

Not to digress further but here is a recent reject of mine. Not the best but felt it would make the cut. I have already sharpened it a lot and felt it was sharper than some others that make it on. Oh well. Perhaps I will downsize and selectively sharpen a little more and resubmit later on.

I think your assessment is spot-on.
Thank you Kevin. I can only imagine the terror of those helicopter pilots and any other pilots who come face to face with a drone. I hope another collision nevers occurs, but I fear it is inevitable.

I assume you're attempting to print / sell them (Hope you're 107 cert.)
107 certified and happily have all my registrations numbers engraved on the drone. Recently been talking to the Batesville Chamber of Commerce as they want large copies of the Christmas Train that runs through their town. Done similar things with other cities.

but I've had no trouble correcting 12 frames comps using the correction tools in PSE.
I have always used Windows ICE as I feel it gives better control than PSE. I just ran Lens Correction on several photos in PSE but not seeing much of a difference. Is this the tool you are referring to?

Personally I think the distorting is intentional to attract attention. It seems obvious that a single image at a lower angle would have worked
I personally don't think distortion is that obvious in the thumbnail but ok. As I said I don't like flying lower than the altitude seen here. Even standing right by the drone on take off from 0-50ft AGL signal is patchy - at least with a Phantom 3 - hopefully this was fixed on later models. Residential areas also have plenty of lower-level signal blocking residential-WiFi along with cell towers located nearby. It would be in rural areas where one would expect the "ideal" low-altitude signal strength.
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